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proAV is proud to partner Tripleplay, one of the AV industry’s leading innovators in digital signage, IPTV and Video on Demand (VoD) software. Founded in 2002 and with a focus on corporate, education, hospitality, health and residential markets, Tripleplay Services is a specialist IP media solutions provider with a core architecture design that allows its customers to run multiple applications and services from a single platform. Central to its solution is the Linux operating system, advanced web technologies and the implementation of open standards, which ensure users can maximise their investment and reduce risk. 

The Tripleplay family of products is based around three core software solutions; TripleSign - world class digital signage software, TripleTV – an HD IPTV solution and TripleVOD, for Video on Demand streaming. Designed to use industry standard servers and set top box technology, Tripleplay solutions can operate independently or as part of a more comprehensive multimedia solution that can be grown to meet budget and user requirements. The core product set is supported by a range of solution enhancements and management tools.

Tripleplay is renowned for having secured the UK’s largest IPTV deployment with over 200,000 client devices supported within closed communities and the most substantial deployment of HD VoD servers for a single customer in Europe.