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About proAV Environmental, Social and Governance

At proAV, we believe ESG principles guide our path to a sustainable future.

ESG means more than fulfilling our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities; it's an opportunity to make a positive difference to our family here at proAV, our valued partners, and to those who live within our community.

5 Pillars of our ESG Strategy 


Our strong emphasis on environmental sustainability is demonstrated through the sustainable practices we implement and the 'Green' technology solutions we champion across our many sites.

 Social Impact

We believe that as a responsible corporate entity, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities we operate in.


We are committed to creating a work environment that nurtures and empowers our employees, fosters a culture of inclusivity and diversity and promotes their overall well-being.

 Supply Chain

We strive to build strong partnerships with suppliers who uphold the highest standards of integrity and our ongoing supplier review process guarantees consistent, sustainable and ethical practices.

 Values & Culture

At proAV, we take great pride in fostering a culture that revolves around respect, integrity, excellence, innovation, growth and collaboration. As we come together as a team, our dedication to these fundamental values empowers us to deliver exceptional results and make a positive impact on our employees, valued customers and the broader community.

Protecting the Environment

Our commitment to the principle of sustainability forms part of our daily operations, from the equipment we install in our clients’ working environments to the day-to-day running of our own buildings. As innovators in our field, we strive to lead by example and to operate sustainably in every area of our operations; our commitment to sustainability is included in the proAV Environmental and Quality EQ Manual.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

proAV is ISO14001 certified which means we have reached rigorous international environmental management system standards. ISO14001 is a voluntary standard we adhere to alongside further ISO standards which support our business goals and our approach towards continuous improvement.

We meet the requirements of the WEEE regulations and are a member of the compliance scheme WEEEComply.

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