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Our Technology Partners Sonance

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

Sonance speakers blend in with the design of a space, whether it is a home, a business, indoors or outdoors.

Sonance were the first to invent the in-wall speaker, over 30 years ago. 

Audio is very much an integral part of the overall design of a space. When consideration is taken during the conceptual phase, the audio design can be a purposeful and elegant addition to a room while providing stunning audio to enhance the activities of everyday life.

In order to achieve a harmony between lights and speakers, it makes sense for them to have a similar appearance. You can suit every aesthetic by selecting speakers that are the same shape, size and installation profile as the lighting.

Sonance believe that audio should provide a comfortable listening environment by delivering fidelity, output and proper coverage; a great speaker layout should provide even, balanced coverage of sound. The result is an enveloping sound experience that allows for comfortable conversation anywhere in the room.

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