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Our Technology Partners Neat

Founded in Oslo, Norway, by a team of creative mavericks, Neat have shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world’s most recognised video communications brands.

Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, helping to create the best meeting space experience possible. With a focus on making sure their devices are easy to install, set up and use, their product portfolio supports a safer, more enhanced and engaging hybrid working environment. Featuring smart room sensor technology to monitor occupancy and air quality for healthier, lower-cost rooms along with crystal-clear audio and video conferencing to ensure that everyone can be seen and heard.

Bridging the gap between in-room and remote participants, auto framing technology implemented by Neat devices captures everyone in the room individually and presents them up close to remote participants screens. It's a way that Neat sees as the way to create the truest sense of being physically all together in the same room.


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