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Mark Roberts

Residential/Hospitality Specialist

We’ve never had more leisure time and we crave entertainment that delights and excites, but in an iPhone/Neflix world, customer expectations are higher than ever.

So it takes the latest AV technologies to enable the hotel and leisure sector to respond to demand with fresh and engaging guest experiences that are personalised and memorable, and deliver them in smart and effective ways.

 The pandemic has further sharpened the challenge for the sector, but is also opening up new opportunities to extend brand and services with digital and virtual experiences, powered by AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and XR (Mixed Reality), automate and personalise with sensors and AI (Artifical Intelligence) and direct and guide with signage and wayfinding.

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Guildford, Surrey

Networked audio integration


Hotel Transformation



Luxury Hotel redevelopment

proAV was commissioned to deliver an extensive integrated audio-visual scheme for key areas of the hotel that would enhance the guest experience.


Hospitality AV solution

A state-of-the-art audio system for professional background music distribution to improve and enhance the guest experience and private event spaces.

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