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Partner Products Sonance Invisible Speakers

The next generation in invisible sound

Sonance Invisible Series is the ultimate expression in architectural audio.

Sonance Invisible Series (IS) delivers unbelievable sound quality that emanates from the wall or ceiling, without any visible signs of a speaker. The space is filled with breathtaking music that seemingly comes from nowhere.

The IS speakers are installed and finished over with the same material as the adjoining wall or ceiling surface, including regular drywall finishing compound and paint, wallpaper, wood veneer or even venetian plaster.  They don’t just blend into the wall or ceiling, they become part of it.

Sonance Invisible Series features the widest range of speakers to deliver zero visual impact in any size space.

  • Sonance Beyond Sound

    Sonance Beyond Sound

  • Sonance | The New Invisible Series

    Sonance | The New Invisible Series

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