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The pioneers of the large format LED display system industry

Founded in California in 1997, SiliconCore Technology (SCT) is the pioneer of the common-cathode technology that has contributed so radically to the incredible advances of the large format LED display system industry. 

SCT began as a semiconductor intellectual property developer that evolved into the global market leader in laser diode drivers for DVD/RW computer drives. In 2010, the LED display and lighting markets were recognised as complementary to SCT’s design expertise and, in a move to solve the issue of excessive LED display heat and power consumption, developed the common-cathode current driver architecture. 

This patented technology is commercially available under licence to the worldwide LED display industry while SCT continues to develop and promote its own groundbreaking portfolio of LED display products. Its stunning, large format, bezel-less screens are now synonymous with impactful, life-like images that are not interrupted by the lines associated with traditional, multi-display systems. SCT’s LED technology is successfully extending the life of display products, saving energy and reducing the power consumption in a wide range of exciting applications.

In May 2013, proAV was awarded Platinum Partner status by SCT, an acknowledgement of our completion of extensive factory-based training on product knowledge, system installation, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of SiliconCore products. Platinum Partner status also ensures we are fully certified to board level repair of SiliconCore LED displays.