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Panasonic's impressive range of professional plasma displays has long been renowned as the first choice for the most demanding commercial and residential applications. Environmentally friendly and expandable, they can be configured with absolute precision to offer the most superior picture quality available.

With an unbeatable contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and Full HDTV resolutions from 42" to 103" - the largest plasma display in the world - Panasonic's long-life panels ensure accurate, detailed precision with up to 68.7 billion displayable colours and 4,096 shades of grey.

In-built into every system is a wide range of future-orientated technologies that are designed to optimise image clarity in every situation. These include the advanced 3D colour management system that ensures powerful, natural colours, screen savers for longer life cycles, MPD noise reduction and an outstanding contrast management system and sub-pixel controller that guarantees the sharpest image right into every corner. Panasonic plasma displays are versatile too. Interfaces that can be exchanged quickly and easily via Panasonic's proven multi-function slot system accept connection boards for an even wider range of analogue and digital signal sources.