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Exterity IPTV for cost-savings, control and high quality video

Exterity offers solutions for users to stream anything from digital Freeview TV or video-on-demand programmes to TVs, AV displays and even personal computers. Its Building IPTV enables users to use the excess capacity of an IP network to deliver high impact digital TV and video to a virtually unlimited number of users without the need for an expensive, hard-to-maintain analogue TV distribution system.

Exterity IPTV is managed just like any other IP network service, with notable savings in both capital and operating costs, elimination of wasteful internet TV bandwidth usage, better content control and security and a higher quality video delivered to even more users.

A wide variety of vertical markets rely on Exterity Building IPTV, including hospitality, healthcare, general corporate, sports venues, education, broadcasting, transportation and government agencies; this modular solution will fit any budget and scale effortlessly.

Exterity IPTV can enhance staff productivity, forge closer relationships with customers and create exciting new revenue streams. Contact us to find out what these powerful systems can do for you.