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Lecture Theatre

AV for award-winning theatre arrangements and lecture spaces

A lecture theatre depends on a cutting-edge audio visual solution to create a versatile, professional presentation environment. They’re recognised as the must-have teaching, training, presentation and communication space for corporate, educational and public sector institutions and we’ve applied our professional AV to schemes ranging from intimate lecture spaces to complex, award-winning theatre arrangements.

A traditional lecture theatre application will boast advanced audio visual hardware that’s controlled by a flexible suite of management technologies over various input sources. Add a touch of innovation and we’ll create a dramatic AV solution that enhances in-house presentations, training seminars, conferences and hospitality events. 

proAV’s lecture theatre applications comprise everything from display equipment with interactive annotation systems, visualisers that display a wide range of media and preview monitors mounted on teaching desks and projection systems with fixed or electronic frames. Presentation audio can include surround sound, voice reinforcement, speaker and microphone schemes while video conferencing systems of cameras and codecs enable the presenter to communicate to attending and remote audiences. IP recording offers simple recording and streaming that can be conducted without any manual intervention while controls are traditionally touch panel focussed with user-friendly graphical user interfaces for intuitive operation.

Contact proAV to find out more about professional, integrated AV solutions for professional, versatile lecture theatre facilities.

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