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Technology powering justice

Technology in the courtroom helps juries better understand testimony and evidence.

The essence of modern justice systems is the presentation of testimony and evidence to a jury, and technology now helps jurors better understand both the evidence and testimony presented to them in court, studies have shown.

AV enhances the show-and-tell aspect of court procedures, with lawyers able to present evidence on large displays and zoom into show detail, show video or recreate events, digitally and interactively. And to show multiple sources simultaneously. 

All so the jury gets a 360 picture of what happened and its context and consequence, in a road traffic accident, or better understand injuries caused for example.

Streaming enables witness to give evidence from remote locations, or to eliminate the need for victims and the accused to be in the same space. It aids accessibility and inclusion, opening up the court process to anyone with an Internet connection. And it has been shown to help courts clear backlogs, speeding up the justice system for all.

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