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Using AV to deliver realtime data accuracy and visibility

Everything happens fast on the trading floor so access to realtime information and communication is mission critical.

Delivery and display of realtime information and communication so they can be instantly absorbed takes seamlessly integrated and secure AV and UC solutions.

From incorporating IPTV delivering latest news and opinion to streaming of multiple realtime AV and data sources, always-on communication with colleagues, partners and clients and the visualisation of data graphically on large screens to aid rapid understanding, not to mention the tools needs to manage, validate and report to clients and stakeholders in realtime – these are the tools powering today’s successful trading floors.

AV solutions to power global marketing trading spaces

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Trading floor - dynamic display solutions

proAV delivered a future-proofed, integrated AV solution that has created an outstanding and technically innovative scheme that will support the time-critical work of LME traders.

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