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Instant Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime

Optimising audio quality to provide an exceptional AV experience for web-based conferencing systems

Biamp's Devio range delivers a powerful, hassle-free approach to meeting rooms of all sizes. and provide exceptional AV exceptional AV experiences for users of web-based conferencing systems.

The Devio SCR range offers complete huddle and small room solutions and is compatible with PCs running conferencing platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and many more. The range's Auto Setup features validate device connections and adjust room levels and set speaker EQ to optimise audio quality. Each Devio SCR device can be monitored and managed remotely using Biamp SageVue software and API.

For medium and large rooms, the Devio SCX range can help create flexible meeting room hubs and is compatible with Biamp's Tesira audio accessories. Together, you can build a complete system with microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers using Parle Ceiling, Pendant and Tabletop microphones. Biamp's Beamtracking microphone technology intelligently mixes conversations to produce a more natural-sound conversation, all enhanced by professional-grade DSP. Room systems powered by the Devio SCX range can be deployed with zero programming and streamlined commissioning. Plus with the assistance of Biamp Launch, the system can automatically detect the optimal audio settings so the experience remains consistently professional.

  • Devio SCX 400

    Devio SCX 400

  • Devio SCX 800

    Devio SCX 800

  • Devio SCR 10

    Devio SCR 10

  • Devio SCR 20

    Devio SCR 20

  • Devio SCR 25

    Devio SCR 25

  • What is Devio?

    What is Devio?

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