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Partner Products Biamp Parlé Microphones

Biamp’s Parlé family of products deliver superior audio experiences offering up to full 360-degree meeting space coverage

With reduced programming, installation and commissioning time, Biamp's Parlé microphones include automated features that provide a streamlined setup and help lower equipment costs overall. Available in a variety of sleek unobtrusive forms such as ceiling, tabletop and pendant microphones, Biamp's Beamtracking technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations from around the space allowing far-end participants to experience the conversation as any normal face-to-face meeting.

Key Features

  • Beamforming microphone technology provides 360-degree coverage
  • Integrates easily into Tesira systems
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams (Parlé TCM-XA & Parlé TCM-XEX Ceiling Microphones)

  • TCM-1A Pendant Microphone

    TCM-1A Pendant Microphone

  • TTM-X Tabletop Microphone

    TTM-X Tabletop Microphone

  • TCM-X Ceiling Microphone

    TCM-X Ceiling Microphone

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