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Partner Products Biamp Apprimo Series

Biamp's range of touch interfaces makes it simple to configure, operate, and manage AV equipment in complex spaces

Featuring touch panels in a variety of sizes, the Apprimo line of products provides enhanced flexibility in-room control and nearly unlimited options in UI design so you can design your room solution in your own way with the assistance of the Project Designer software included.

Featuring highly responsive touch screens with full-colour displays, the Apprimo series aims to offer a stress-free experience in the operation of your AV equipment.

  • Apprimo Touch 4

    Apprimo Touch 4

  • Apprimo Touch 7

    Apprimo Touch 7

  • Apprimo Touch 10

    Apprimo Touch 10

  • Apprimo Tec-X 1000

    Apprimo Tec-X 1000

  • Apprimo Tec-X 2000

    Apprimo Tec-X 2000

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