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Partner Products Biamp Impera Series

Create User-Friendly Room Control with the Impera product family from Biamp

Comprised of control pads and touch panel controllers, the Impera range enables powerful room control across various environments. With push-button simplicity, Impera control pads provide user-friendly interfaces to help control meeting room and learning spaces technologies.

The touch panel controllers enable a fully-customizable UI (created via Biamp's Project Designer software) to give users a clear, reliable starting point for presentations, lessons, and beyond.

Impera Controllers - Key Features

  • Software-configurable via Project Designer software
  • Multiple control options such as LAN, RS-232, IR or GPIO
  • Built-in assignable relays

Impera Control Pads - Key Features

  • Includes on-board controllers; no external processor required
  • Software-configurable via Project Designer software
  • 4 / 8 button models available in EU, DK and US form factors
  • Control devices via LAN, RS-232, IR or GPIO.
  • Impera Alfa II

    Impera Alfa II

  • Impera Lima

    Impera Lima

  • Impera Tango

    Impera Tango

  • Impera Echo

    Impera Echo

  • Impera Oscar

    Impera Oscar

  • Impera Sierra II

    Impera Sierra II

  • Impera Uniform

    Impera Uniform

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