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Control Room

Professional control rooms to manage building-wide AV systems architecture

The AV control room (AVCR) is the hub of an organisation’s AV facilities and is designed to manage building-wide AV and IT systems architecture and technologies, to ensure the lines of communication remain open, security and performance is optimized and collaborative events proceed as planned.

Usually manned by full-time, often 24-hour, technical teams, the AVCR is responsible for a wide range of activities, including remote room monitoring, systems control, video recording and asset management, control and distribution of digital signage, projection and multimedia presentations, delegate voting systems as well as speaker, voice reinforcement, microphone and other presentation audio arrangements. Operating from workstation positions, the technical team may also conduct post-production work if video production and editing facilities have been included as part of the AV system and work alongside IPTV distribution and live or on demand broadcasting via the clients’ network. 

For AV solutions that include audio conferencing and video conferencing systems, room booking systems, hosting and end point connections between participants and recording of meetings can also be managed using AVCR technologies. The control room environment is often located close to a corporate auditorium or educational lecture theatre, but proAV has designed and commissioned complex control rooms located on different floors of client buildings, notably where enterprise grade AV have been installed. 

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