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Partner Products Crestron Sightline

Take natural conversation and effective collaboration to the next level for everyone.

While hybrid meetings have become a fixture of working, it comes with the challenge of being able to engage in-person and remote participants with natural conversation and inclusion for everyone involved in the meeting.

Crestron Sightline solves these challenges by providing a complete, integrated ecosystem that delivers meeting equity, where resources are distributed based on the specific needs of every participant. Sightline incorporates a multi-camera, automated switching system that follows who’s speaking at a given moment and “cuts” to that individual, as opposed to the traditional single camera panning back and forth.

For those joining remotely, it provides a clear and true picture of who is in the room, tracks the speaker's voice and frames them on screen clearly while the in-person participants get a better view of the remote participants and create natural conversation and engagement. Implementing multiple sync displays in the room together to show the remote participants in line of sight, solving confusion over where to look.

By leveraging the power of four core Crestron platforms including Crestron Flex, XiO Cloud, DigitalMedia, 1 Beyond cameras and intelligent video technology, Crestron Sightline enables you to create inclusive hybrid meeting experiences in every space that benefits both employees and organisations alike.

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