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Groundbreaking, professional AV schemes for revolutionary courtroom environments

The prospect of television court hearings in the UK seemed inconceivable until recently but, when the first television cameras were installed in the UK Supreme Court, one of the country’s most prestigious courtrooms, proAV was at the heart of the action and made the news for all the right reasons. A year later, and the 2012/13 Queen’s Speech confirmed cameras would be allowed in courtrooms in England and Wales in a bold move towards greater transparency and democracy. 

proAV’s project to install a groundbreaking, professional audio visual scheme at the Supreme Court demonstrated how AV technologies are helping to remove the mystery of the courtroom environment and to help legal professionals, members of the public and law students by broadcasting cases of public or constitutional interest.

A typical courtroom application will comprise a sophisticated suite of AV technologies, including discreet video cameras with associated multiplexer units, presentation audio with microphone, speaker and speech reinforcement systems routing to mixers. All key AV and broadcast systems hardware would be designed around a studio console for vision mixing, signal processing, video routing and switching, patching to outside broadcast facilities with preview monitors and touchpanel control over all components.  

A non-linear editing suite (NLES) with media, asset management and workflow automation software supports the courtroom environment with professional recording, storage and editing facilities, preview and audio monitors and servers to record feeds from each courtroom. Public or educational viewing areas to display pre-recorded and live footage will enhance the courtroom’s AV facilities even further.

Contact proAV to find out more about professional, integrated AV solutions for future-proof courtroom environments.

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