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Partner Products Huddly IQ

Intelligent camera for medium sized meeting rooms.

Huddly IQ ensures everyone is seen and heard.

The award-winning Huddly IQ delivers a video meeting experience like no other, with 150° wide-angle video, groundbreaking AI capabilities, and, optionally, an embedded 5-element microphone array. 

This incredible camera has the ability to track the number of people attending the meeting and will feed the information into Microsoft Teams or Zoom dashboard for meeting room statistics, which will support current Covid-19 office policies.

Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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  • Huddly IQ - Genius framing demo

    Huddly IQ - Genius framing demo

  • Huddly IQ camera

    Huddly IQ camera

  • Huddly IQ camera

    Huddly IQ camera

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