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The world's first AI-directed multi-camera system

Combining the expertise of TV and movie production to the world of video conferencing, Huddly Crew is a revolutionary system that brings together three Huddly L1 cameras to capture meeting participants from multiple angles. The AI system, Huddly Director, edits your meetings in real time switching between different shot types focusing on the speaker, non-verbal reactions from listeners and a full overview of the room. Recent updates introduce different modes for different meeting types including:

  • Speaker: Huddly director identifies the primary speaker and ensures the cameras remain focused on them throughout the meeting. In the event of interjections, the system switches to an overview shot while maintaining the speaker’s visibility. It can also transition, if needed, to a new primary speaker. Ideal for structured meetings.
  • Conversation: Huddly director focuses attention to all meeting participants, including shots that showcase listener reactions. Ideal for team meetings and collaboration.

Featuring a modular design, the Huddly Crew is flexible and adaptable to any room size thanks to floor and wall mounting options and is now certified for Microsoft Teams. It is also capability with all leading collaboration platforms including Google Meet and Zoom. 

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