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Partner Products Huddly Canvas

An AI camera making it easy to use whiteboards in video meetings.

Whiteboarding enhancement to unlock creativity and collaborative working.

Huddly Canvas ensures teams don’t need to be in the same room to get things done so now you can create ideas and solve problems together, even when you’re all in different places. Canvas is an intuitive tool available to remote teams without requiring them to learn any new technology. For the best experience, it is integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. 

Canvas is certified as a Microsoft content camera, and it is recognized as a whiteboard camera in Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. When you’re in a video call, you can quickly share an enhanced whiteboard stream by clicking the content camera button. 

Canvas can be installed above any whiteboard up to 2 x 1.2 m/6′ x 4′. An integrated Ethernet extender makes it easy to install the Canvas camera and connect it to the meeting room device through USB. Canvas is suitable for any size room.

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  • Huddly Canvas - How to share a whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams call

    Huddly Canvas - How to share a whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams call

  • Huddly Canvas - Share a white whiteboard

    Huddly Canvas - Share a white whiteboard

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