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Outstanding images on any scale

Sony LED Walls feature Crystal LED, ultrafine micro-LED technology, to create super-size LED video displays.

Experience the ultimate picture with spectacular brightness, vivid colours and extraordinary contrast with sparkling highlights and deep blacks. Advanced Crystal LED technology is the awe-inspiring choice for a wide range of super-size display applications – from boardrooms, theme parks, museums and retail showrooms to corporate lobbies, design studios and scientific research facilities.

  • Impressive brightness - Very high brightness of up to 1000 cd/m2 outshines other large-scale display solutions, for high-impact visuals in any ambient light conditions.
  • Blur-free images - Moving images are smooth and blur-free with near-instant response and a maximum refresh rate of 120 fps – ideal for sports and simulation.
  • Wide viewing angle - With a viewing angle of virtually 180 degrees, Crystal LED lets everyone see the full picture, wherever they’re standing.
  • Crystal LED Display System

    Crystal LED Display System

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