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Partner Products Cisco Webex Desk Pro

Cisco's most advanced, intelligent collaboration device for the desk

The Webex Desk Pro is an all-in-one premium collaboration and productivity device housed in a 27-inch 4K display. It includes an HD webcam with 71-degree FOV and is supported by a superior sound system featuring a microphone array with advanced noise-cancelling technology. The built-in touchscreen offers a digital whiteboard experience for co-creation with colleagues whether in person or remotely.

With a USB-C connection, the Desk Pro can function as a docking station for your laptop and act as a primary display allowing you to use the meeting software of your choice while taking advantage of the high-quality conferencing hardware. AI-powered features deliver a frictionless meeting experience with the Webex Assistant acting as a voice-controlled aid that lets you start or join your meeting, book a room or make a call. Additional facial recognition helps users identify meeting participants and provide name labels too. 

Alternatively, the Desk Pro can be used as a primary meeting room device and utilised to display on-demand content when the device isn't being actively used such as digital signage, alerts, live TV, and VoD capabilities. It's a collaborative device with a flexible place in your organisation.

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