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Partner Products AMX Connectivity & Transport (CT) Kit

Content Sharing from Any Device

Create meeting spaces where visiting devices and in-room devices share the room without complication.

The AMX Connectivity & Transport (CT) Kits are an all-inclusive 4K60 4:4:4 auto switching, scaling, and distance transport solution that include both the transmitter and receiver. The Conference Kit ads USB 2.0 peripheral switching for dynamic sharing of room USB devices.

Designed for Easy Deployment and Hassle Free maintenance

The AMX Connectivity and Transport (CT) Series is a family of 4K switching and distribution kits that combine switching, scaling and distance transport into a single kit that includes both a transmitter and receiver. Simply connect a visiting device to the transmitter, the room display/projector is automatically turned on, and the signal is transmitted and scaled for optimal viewing.

Visiting Devices Connect to Anything with USB

The Conference Kit features USB 2.0 peripheral switching, allowing dynamic sharing of room USB peripherals between visiting and in-room devices. Connect USB for any peripheral device, such as the AMX Acendo Vibe Conferencing Soundbar, to the visiting laptop. The receiver has a second input for a room PC or wireless sharing device such as AMX Acendo Core. If a source, such as a room PC, is connected to the receiver the kit still automatically switches to the visiting laptop when it is connected.

  • Visiting devices can own the room

    Visiting devices can own the room

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