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Celebrating The Retirement Of Adrian Edwards: A Stellar Career in AV


proAV is celebrating the retirement of our Customer Services Director, Adrian Edwards. As Adrian steps into retirement, he takes a moment to reflect on his extensive career, the evolution of the AV industry, and shares a few pearls of wisdom.

How long have you been working in the professional AV industry, and how much change have you witnessed?

“I've been in the AV industry for nearly four decades. Coming from a background in mechanical engineering, I found myself in the world of providing professional broadcast solutions. Believe it or not, this chapter in my career developed out of a hobby I had filming American Football and weddings, so I was quite content with turning this into my profession. The technological transformation over the years has been profound, from the days of analog systems to today's digital and networked solutions, and now on the brink of AI integration. The acceleration in tech has reshaped not just our products and services, but also how we conceive and implement solutions for our clients."

When you started at proAV, what were your initial thoughts of the organisation? How have these perspectives changed over time?

"Joining proAV was exhilarating. It was a vibrant company with a forward-looking vision that truly stood out from its competitors. Initially, I was captivated by the potential to innovate and push boundaries. Over the years, as I saw the company not just grow but thrive in a highly competitive landscape, my admiration and belief in proAV’s mission have only deepened. It's been rewarding to witness and contribute to its evolution."

Are there any key company milestones you were involved in that stand out?

"Two moments stand out distinctly. First, establishing the Customer Service Center at our HQ was a milestone that underscored our commitment to excellence and innovation in service delivery and continues to set proAV apart. Secondly, establishing our relationship with Burberry was a landmark in the company’s history that expanded our operations to a global level, and leads us to deliver projects to this day that fuse AV technology with innovations in retail strategy. It was not just about installing equipment but transforming the retail experience on a global scale. These initiatives epitomise the essence of proAV – innovation, quality, and client-centric solutions."

Throughout your career at ProAV, what piece of advice would you pass on to someone just starting their career here?

"The AV industry is exceptionally dynamic, with technological advances continuously reshaping the landscape. My advice is to remain adaptable, cultivate a deep curiosity for learning, and always aim to anticipate the needs of your clients. Success lies in innovation and the ability to foresee and adapt to the changes on the horizon."

Who have been some of your most significant influences and sources of inspiration?

"My greatest influences have been the visionaries at the intersection of technology and creative problem-solving. Within proAV, it's been a collaborative effort – learning from colleagues, our clients' unique challenges, and the industry's pioneering spirit. Inspiration has come from seeing the impact of our work, driving transformations not just within spaces but in how people interact with technology."

From your perspective, what exciting trends do you foresee in the AV and UC industry?

"The advent of AI and machine learning in AV solutions is truly exciting. These technologies promise to make AV systems more intuitive, personalised, and efficient, marking the next leap in how we interact with our environments. The future of AV lies in creating seamlessly integrated, user-centric experiences."

What will retirement hold for you?

"Retirement is a new chapter, filled with possibilities. It's a time for personal growth, spending time with family, exploring passions, and perhaps a bit more relaxation. I’ll have more free time for my hobbies like rebuilding motorbikes, and my wife and I love to sail. We love to travel as well, so we hope to spend more time seeing new places, while not having to worry about coming home for work. While stepping away from the day-to-day of proAV, I carry with me the memories and lessons learned. I'm looking forward to this next adventure with anticipation and gratitude for the journey thus far."


We invite everyone within the proAV family and the broader AV community to join us in celebrating Adrian’s contributions and achievements. His retirement marks not just the end of an era, but also a legacy of innovation and leadership that will inspire those who follow. Adrian will be truly missed, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for everything he has given to proAV and the AV industry at large. Farewell Adrian!


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