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Partner Products Pexip and Poly HP Solutions

A combination to meet the demands of security conscious organisations

Combining their best-in-class security, scalability, and interoperability, Pexip have combined their innovative solutions with Poly HP's collaborative devices, management and services to offer a suite of on-premises and cloud-based communication solutions for privacy-conscious users in government, public and private sectors. Together, both Pexip and Poly HP introduce three solutions that prioritise better user experiences, deeper customisation, higher levels of interoperability while adhering to robust security protocols.

Poly PrivateConnected powered by Pexip

A secure video technology platform that delivers a unified experience that is flexible, scalable but one that maintains strict security protocols. Operating either as a private cloud tenant or on-premises, users are provided with a high level of customisation and integration options. This also includes seamlessly connecting with Microsoft Teams or Google Meet with optional interoperability modules for a near-native user experience.

Poly CloudConnected powered by Pexip

A cloud-based video technology platform focusing on user experiences, customisation, and ease of management and control. It is a hyper-modern platform providing market-leading meeting interoperability for Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Poly FedConnect powered by Pexip

A security-enhanced service designed specifically for the U.S. Government, providing secure connections to the U.S. Federal secure cloud and integration with Microsoft Teams. This service is FedRAMP® Authorised.

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