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Partner Products JBL Sleek Low Profile Speakers

SLP sleek, low-profile full-range on-wall loudspeakers provide superior sound and broad, consistent coverage in a sleek, low-profile enclosure that deliver the legendary sound that JBL is known for. These elegantly finished speakers complement any décor and are available in black or white finishes. These stylish, highly versatile speakers are perfect for venues such as high-finish restaurants, hotels, resorts, retail stores, educational settings, and any installation application calling for a discreet yet elegant look.

With two fixture options, the SLP12/T features a 15-watt multi-tap transformer for use in 70V/100V systems and is switchable for direct 8-ohm operation and boasts 40-watt power handling, delivering clean, clear sound at any volume.

Whilst the SLP14/T features a 25-watt multi-tap transformer for use in 70V/100V systems and is also switchable for direct 8-ohm operation. This robust speaker boasts 50-watt power handling.

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