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Partner Products JBL Professional Landscape Speakers

The JBL Professional Landscape series Speakers are an innovative solution for outdoor audio installations.

These speakers are designed to blend seamlessly into outdoor environments while delivering high-quality sound. With their weather-resistant construction and durable materials, they can withstand the challenges of outdoor conditions, making them ideal for gardens, patios, theme parks, and other outdoor venues.

GSF Series

Ground-stake full-range speakers provide superior fidelity and wide coverage in a range of outdoor commercial applications. Featuring the 3-inch driver GSF3 and 6-inch driver GSF6.

GSB Series

GSB in-ground landscape subwoofers augment the low-frequency performance of JBL GSF full-range landscape speakers to provide rich, full-range sound in lawn and garden areas of hospitality, corporate and retail spaces. Featuring the 8-inch GSB8 and 12-inch GSB 12.

Control 80 Series

Designed for outdoor applications, the highly weather resistant Control 80 Series Landscape speakers and subwoofers provide excellent full-range and low-frequency sound quality and 360-degree coverage. Featuring the Control 85M, Control 88M and Control 89MS subwoofer.

  • GSF3 Green

    GSF3 Green

  • GSF3 Tan

    GSF3 Tan

  • GSF6 Green

    GSF6 Green

  • GSF6 Tan

    GSF6 Tan

  • GSB8 Green

    GSB8 Green

  • GSB8 Tan

    GSB8 Tan

  • GSF Bracket

    GSF Bracket

  • Control 89

    Control 89

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