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A professional and warm welcome for all your visitors

GoBright's Visitor Registration software makes sure your guests are welcomed immediately upon arrival

Acting as a digital visitor registration and check-in solution, GoBright Visit provides a simplified and efficient solution to welcoming guests to the premises. Using a dedicated visit screen in your reception area, guests can sign in via a QR code or by inputting their information on the console as they arrive. Instead of waiting for the reception staff to notify you of your guest's arrival, GoBright Visit can send an instant notification via SMS or email directly to the host, shortening the guest's waiting time and providing a punctual appearance. The visitor registration software can be expanded with pre-registration and optional badge printing hardware.

Key Features

  • GDPR compliant
  • Allows guests to self-register as they arrive at your premises
  • Instant notifications to employees via SMS / Email that their guests have arrived
  • Add directions and further details using pre-registration
  • Enhance GoBright Visit with add-ons including optional badge printing

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