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Taking flexible working to the next level

Embrace the modern ways of working such as activity-based or open-spaced working and flexible desk use with GoBright Desk Booking

With the cloud-based software solution of GoBright Desk Booking, employees can book desks online via a dedicated app or portal to ensure they have a place to work when visiting the office. If partnered with GoBright's Mapping, Connect and Glow solutions, you can check the status of a desk as you enter the office and locate it with ease. With additional advanced desk sharing tools, a desk can be occupied by several members of staff in a day.

Key Features

  • Be able to find a desk that suits your need
  • Find a colleague and book a workspace nearby
  • Manage desk occupancy
  • Manage workplace health and safety with Hygienic Desk
  • Scalable and can be enhanced with optional additions such as Connect, Glow or NFC Sticker hardware

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