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Partner Products Media Player 'Lite' 782-LT

MediaStar's professional hardware solution for your organisation's entire IPTV, Digital Signage and Digital Media delivery requirements.

Suitable for both large scale distributed applications or single screen deployments, the MediaStar's 782-LT 4K IPTV & Media Player can display a combination of live-streamed and file-based media content at full 4K resolution. Partnered with the MediaStar Media Manager software, AV technicians can configure an extensive range of time-based or user-selected media playout controls. With its compact size, low power consumption, maintenance free operation and software future proofing, the 782-LT 4K IPTV & Media Player is an excellent choice to help with internal communications within your organisation.

Key Features

  • Decodes HEVC, H264, HLS and MPEG2 video formats
  • Renders HTML5, HTML5 video tags, JPEGS, PNG, GIFs
  • Supports SD, HD and UHD multizone screen formats
  • DVB TeleText / CC subtitles in multi-language
  • Supports Dolby Audio® technology
  • Supports 3rd Party HTML applications
  • HDCP content protection option
  • AES128 decryption capability
  • CEC display screen control
  • IP pass through to operate with 3rd party touch panel controllers

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