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Partner Products Lenovo ThinkSmart View

Smart conferencing designed to work beyond the office.

ThinkSmart View is a collaborative smart device that works from an individual's workspace, tackling administrative tasks that waste a PC's resources.

The ThinkSmart View can help users unlock their full potential by offloading Microsoft Teams audio and video conferencing tasks away from the PC to facilitate more efficient multi-tasking. One-touch meeting start through the built-in display also means you join meetings in seconds rather than minutes, and by pairing a Bluetooth headset, such as the optional Lenovo ThinkPad X1 ANC headphones, users can virtually eliminate background noise and improve confidentiality. A physical camera shutter and 4-digit pin-lock provides welcome security. ThinkSmart View is also designed to work beyond the office. The user-friendly design means it can function in hot-desking environments just as well as it can live happily in a home office. Its flexibility could even introduce a new wave of smart conferencing booths for public spaces. Over time, the device will go from smart to smarter as we look to introduce more intelligent features in partnership with Microsoft so that the voice ready ThinkSmart View truly becomes your personal business communications assistant.

  • ThinkSmart View overview

    ThinkSmart View overview

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