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Partner Products Kramer K-180Mini

A smart panoramic camera that keeps everyone in view during meetings

The K-180Mini from Kramer allows you to get the full picture even when you're in the smallest meeting room. This meeting room panocam has three 4K lenses offering a 180-degree FOV fixed focus to enable the capture of clear video from across a full 180 field of view so everyone can be clearly seen. With auto-framing technology, the K-180 mini can recognise and zoom in on meeting participants and track them while they move around. The camera can also provide the auto-stitching of split frames and eliminate distortion.

Key Features

  • Extreme wide angle view created by three cameras that cover the whole room
  • Auto-framing and auto-tracking to keep presenters and contributors in focus
  • Can act as USB hub, enabling the K-Speak or any other speakerphone to be connected directly to the camera
  • Compatible with the most video conferencing platforms
  • USB-C connection to enable seamless operation for a wide range of devices

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