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Partner Products Logitech Tap

Touch controller for workplace collaboration

Tap is a 10.1” responsive touch screen for video meetings, pre-configured with room-optimised software from Microsoft, Zoom or Google for workplace collaboration.

Tap connects to a computer via USB as an additional display, opening up new touch control possibilities for applications like team collaboration, digital signage, room automation, environmental control, and other workflows where touch control is desired.

Calendar integration, touch-to-join, instant content sharing and always-on readiness are all benefits. 

Clean installation

With 10 meters of reach, the plenum-rated Logitech Strong USB cable lets you locate Tap near participants for convenient operation while installing the host computer in a cabinet, beneath a table, or behind a display.

Secure Connections

An integrated strain relief and cable management system keeps connections tight. Route cables out the back for freestanding deployments, or through the bottom cover for a clean tabletop.

  • Logitech Tap - easy one-touch-join

    Logitech Tap - easy one-touch-join

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