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Partner Products Bose DesignMax

Great for both background and foreground audio applications, DesignMax loudspeakers offer rich lows, clear highs, and premium aesthetics.

Complete any commercial sound installation with 16 loudspeakers to choose from. This includes in-ceiling, surface-mount, and pendant form factors, subwoofers, high-SPL compression-driver models, compact low-profile models and outdoor-rated options - all of which deliver instantly impressive sound and enhance any room design.

The DesignMax family, a complete loudspeaker assortment - introduced in 2019 and expanded in 2021, gives system designers and installers even more options for commercial sound installations.

  • DesignMax Family

    DesignMax Family

  • DesignMax Surface-Mounted Loudspeaker

    DesignMax Surface-Mounted Loudspeaker

  • DesignMax Pendant Subwoofer

    DesignMax Pendant Subwoofer

  • DesignMax Flush

    DesignMax Flush

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