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Partner Products Amina MOBIUSi Series

High frequency performance invisible loudspeakers

Amina MOBIUSi series loudspeakers provide a flexible sound solution for a range of design-led finishes.

Where drywall building techniques are not being used or for where there is a specialist covering material, Mobiusi series loudspeakers offer the most flexible invisible audio solution available.

Engineered to work behind a range of covering materials such as full plaster skim (2mm), wood, leather or high pressure laminate, Mobiusi loudspeakers can be installed into a number of different materials or with a variety of finish options and provide ultimate installation flexibility.

Available in a range of sizes, see data sheets for more details.

  • Amina MOBIUSi Series - Loudspeakers

    Amina MOBIUSi Series - Loudspeakers

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