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Digital transformation in the workplace is changing the fundamentals of communication and collaboration between teams and individuals. Employees now have the tools to collaborate with their colleagues regardless of location, time and now language. This extends out to partners and customers; the expectation is therefore instant communication and the ability to collaborate across shared documents in order to drive great outcomes. Give employees the flexibility and freedom to work in ways that best suit them is proven to create increased creativity and productivity.

Employers are benefiting from this change; an increase in productivity and cost reductions are the primary outcomes, however this is also linked to increased employee satisfaction and the ability to attract and retain top talent into today’s crowded marketplace.

There are however numerous challenges that need to be addressed. There a multitude of VC / UC platforms that allow seemingly endless ways to collaborate; how do you select the right solutions for your business? The drive to remote working and ability to access information on different devices means IT Security has never been more important.

Traditional meeting spaces now need to cater for instant collaboration and be an extension of the UC platform; How do you take that platform from the desktop to the meeting room and what is the right technology for your spaces moving forward? Lastly and most importantly, how do you drive successful adoption and ongoing change management to ensure your time and investment into your business is not wasted?

proAV has a team of experts dedicated to helping your business evaluate, implement, and support your digital transformation journey. We will guide you through your platform, IT and meeting space needs to enable you to successfully manage your digital transformation.

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