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Projection Display

High performance projection solutions that capture and communicate beautifully

An integrated audio visual projection system is a powerful presentation tool. Projection technology has evolved fast and opened the door to a new generation of applications that span market sectors and satisfy ever more expectant audiences. At the same time, the science behind projection equipment has produced cutting-edge presentation solutions that offer consistently high performance for users who need to capture information and communicate it fast and effectively.

Rapidly-evolving technology has assured modern projection systems have a new place in today's presentation environments. Dynamic LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors, lasers and hybrids now give presenters a powerful tool to manage meetings, conferences and seminars with ease and ensure every member of the audience is witness to an amazing visual experience. 

Indeed, this technology is evolving as fast as the applications and environments that are capable of accommodating proAV’s revolutionary projection systems. Key to the most vibrant presentations, our projection products are fulfilling vital roles in the entertainment, corporate and education sectors and, as we continue to create increasingly sophisticated projection schemes, projection technology continues to develop apace. 

The rise and rise of projection technology

Traditional lamp-based projection solutions include front projection systems, where the projector is typically mounted on the ceiling, floor or back wall, from where a video source will route images via the unit and project them onto the screen and rear projection systems that are increasingly used in video walls and large format displays now have competition in the form of laser projectors. 

Pure laser, laser phosphor or laser phosphor hybrids are lampless, which can reduce downtime, maintenance and cost and can achieve a higher performance over standard systems and are ideal of large scale applications.

Talk to proAV about how the right projection technology for your presentation space.

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