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Presentation Appliances

Always-on, always-ready presentation appliances that inspire participation

Thanks to serious innovation in AV over recent years and calls for more versatile, seamless technologies, the art of the presentation now relies on single click, wireless and instant-on, always-on collaboration where the constraints of device and platform compatibility, logistics and room are eliminated and guests galvanised into participating. 

proAV’s presentation solutions centre around appliances and technologies that connect businesses and people with a single click and make it easy to present, collaborate and share their content wirelessly. Our clients need fast BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) connection with access to local and cloud-based content they can access from a phone, tablet, Mac or Windows PC and share it simultaneously with multiple participants whether they’re in the same room or connected via quad view screens on the other side of the world. proAV’s award-winning presentation appliances are answering that call.

Seamless connectivity and control

Connectivity and control is what ranks highly on an organisation’s wants for its presentation facilities, which could range from a small huddle space to a multitude of corporate meeting rooms, but all with the same requirement to walk in and present without boot time or complicated set-up and instant access to their material.

Our presentation solutions include appliances that include single click, wireless desktop systems with base units that enjoy a fixed connection to the room’s displays and can connect up to 64 units and full-feature, time-saving BYOD systems that can be deployed silently across the enterprise and unite up to 32 people simultaneously with quad viewing. And then there are always-on, always-ready appliances that make accessing content in different ways a breeze and, when the session is over, they’ll even purge downloaded documents or cached files to keep everything you present and share safe and secure.

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