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Intelligent audio systems for conferencing, events, presentations and productions

The art of successful audio visual integration lies in the ability to embrace the key elements of sound, vision and message and enhance them so everyone remains completely engaged and able to contribute throughout. proAV’s professional audio systems comprise intelligent solutions that work in unison with other AV technologies to create totally integrated communications environments for a wide range of applications in all market sectors.

We partner the world’s leading audio systems manufacturers to deliver intuitive and crystal clear sound solutions that range from discreet, portable audio solutions to the most complex fixed installed audio systems for specialist auditorium and boardroom sound. They also include voice and media over IP, DSP audio processing, audio conferencing and presentation, distribution and networking, voting and delegate systems, VA systems, home automation systems and whole building fixed audio solutions.

Professional audio conferencing and presentation audio solutions with a world of features and endless possibilities

And our audio solutions go further still with features such as wired or wireless systems, analogue or digital audio conferencing, with microphone arrays, channel 38 radio microphone audio, antenna connections, covert speaker systems, reinforced sound, hard of hearing systems, recording software, mixers and amps and more. 

You’ll find many of these systems in our audio conferencing solutions.  Launched via simple, user-friendly and reliable interfaces that allow participants to speak at the touch of a button or even automatically in voice activation mode, this is efficient, productive and ultra high performance conferencing and it’s bringing people together every day.

proAV also designs and installs specialist presentation audio solutions for a diverse range of environments, integrating them seamlessly with other audio visual technologies. A well-designed presentation environment takes everything into account - from the setting and staging of the presenter to the position of the audience, but key to the delivery of the message is that it’s heard with sustained clarity and impact.

Our presentation audio systems embrace specific audio technologies, including public address (PA) systems, music, messaging, paging and networked audio, remote control, surround sound, sound-masking, recording, transcription, voice reinforcement, mixing, multiple speaker and microphone zoning and distribution to create a perfectly tailored presentation solution.

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