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Trading Floor

AV that powers our global market trading spaces

The trading floors of our global financial markets are exhilarating, yet high risk and volatile environments and those who bear the responsibility to make decisions within them are reliant on technologies that convey and disseminate information fast. AV is making it happen.

A typical trading floor will house an AV solution that focuses on communication, display and control to share and convey business critical information, reduce operating costs and increase productivity. In a world of new finance, finance houses are also subject to new levels of accountability to their clients, stakeholders and public, so the tools to report, manage and validate are also vital components of an integrated audio visual solution.

Our trading space systems are designed for time-critical environments and include multiple, dynamic digital displays that presents a consistent stream of up-to-the-second facts, trends and movements to enable traders to make decisions that optimise profit with confidence. World clock time-zone display systems that are led by GPS master clock networks deliver reliable, secure, time-synchronous trading floor operations while IPTV distribution systems serve up a continual business feed presenting market opinion and news when it counts.

All this is controlled with intelligent remote control solutions that manage power, audio and video sources, TV and multimedia distribution. All the time, these powerful systems are working hand-in-hand with other building-wide AV technologies, including audio and video conferencing, presentation audio, projection, large format displays and a vast array of input sources to keep everyone and everything securely integrated with trading floor operations.

Talk to proAV to find out more about professional, integrated AV solutions for trading spaces.

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