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AV that delivers ingenuity and control, tailored to suit every scenario

All around us, AV is creating experiences and memories in a world of applications that are customised to suit the space perfectly and to entertain, inspire and excite. From the home to hospitality, the ship to shore and beyond, proAV’s intelligent AV solutions are redefining the capabilities of ingenious technology.

In addition to providing a portfolio of professional AV solutions for commercial and public sector use, we’re looking to the digital future of home automation and incorporating discrete, intelligent technologies into residential environments too. They include a host of groundbreaking systems that AV solutions that bring together intuitive telephony, multi-source AV and multimedia facilities and total environmental control over lighting, heating, cooling and security systems.

These dynamic AV applications comprise industry-leading technologies that we’re also tailoring for other exceptional spaces, including onboard AV for superyachts, where the limits of innovation both defy and embrace logic. We’ve designed a raft of considered, future-proof audio visual solutions that incorporate everything the marine industry has, until now, failed to offer in one single environment.

And then there’s the customer experience. Visitor attractions want to create more exciting, memorable experiences for their audiences and are turning to AV to build atmosphere and keep their visitors informed, inspired and entertained. From small, intimate venues to large-scale attractions, our solutions include powerful presentation systems and cutting edge display technologies to announce, inform and direct.

  • Residential and Private Clients
  • Super Yachts
  • Visitor Attractions

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