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XL Catlin 

VBrick is the leader in enterprise IP video, with over 6,000 corporate, education, government and healthcare customers and 60,000 installations worldwide. VBrick solutions work over standard IP networks and the Internet to enable the creation, publishing and distribution of rich media content. Truly end-to-end IP video solutions, VBrick’s suite of products capture live and on-demand video content, distributing it over any designated network to any audience to be viewed on any device anywhere.

As with proAV’s approach to professional AV, the secret to VBrick’s solutions lies in its integration of all the key elements of a streaming video solution, including video capture, management, distribution and display. The result is the ultimate live enterprise IP video system that’s reliable, easy to use and cost-effective and which is supported by the experts in network citizenship who transport video traffic without disrupting other data assets.

VBrick's comprehensive streaming solutions are used in a wide range of live and on-demand applications including meeting and event broadcasts, employee video-sharing, distributed learning, digital signage, TV distribution and video surveillance.