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The most revolutionary, ecologically-sound, large format display systems available

Prysm is the global designer and manufacture of some of the most revolutionary and ecologically-sound, large format display systems available on the market today. proAV is proud to be the primary partner for Prysm in the UK and has already commissioned some of Prysm’s most dynamic display systems in a number of high profile projects.

Prysm’s expertise in this highly specialist field relies on its pioneering Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology and its large format display platform sits at the core of all Prysm digital display solutions. These include custom digital displays, such as HD video walls and wraparound video displays and configured video display solutions like Digital Kiosk and Mannequin fully branded and interactive enclosures.

LPD technology powers each patented tile, which comprises a phosphor panel, a laser engine and a laser processor and displays stunning, life-size images with energy-efficient, solid-state laser diodes that emit a 405mm wavelength laser beam. Designed to a human scale with outstanding image quality and unmatched viewing angles of up to 178”, Prysm solutions boast the industry’s smallest environmental footprint and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Prysm’s digital signage solutions are keeping audiences entertained and engaged in a wide range of markets, including retail, corporate and sport sectors, where dynamic, scalable messages, information and stats attract and maintain attention and bring all the action to life. However, Prysm’s tile-based architecture makes it easy for designers to create formats in any size and any shape to meet the demands of increasingly diverse environments.

The proAV-Prysm partnership relies on sound support from initial concept through the entire build and commissioning process and beyond. Prysm offers its partners a package of high calibre training and development courses that ensure customers benefit from life-long support provided by qualified technical engineers. We’re one of just two AV systems integrators in the UK to have attended and obtained certification status for Level 1 and Level 2 maintenance support and our commitment to the Prysm product portfolio ensures this specialist training and development programme is ongoing.