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Making digital signage more efficient and intuitive to manage

The Omnivex software suite comprises a comprehensive collection of tools designed to help organisations manage their electronic signage networks that include displays and traditional alpha-numeric LED displays. Built on Microsoft® Windows® technology, Omnivex software requires no proprietary hardware and content is delivered over standard TCP/IP protocols.

This suite of products is geared to managing signage more efficiently and intuitively and offer more professional results on a wide range of display media, including electronic signage networks, digital signage displays, narrowcasting, electronic billboards and out-of-home media networks.

The primary components in the Omnivex software collection are Moxie digital signage software, Display 3 content management software, Control 4 device management and DataPipe 3 data management software.

proAV and Omnivex have enjoyed a successful and very productive relationship for many years and components from the Omnivex software collection have been deployed in the majority of our client installations. You can discover how the digital signage solutions we have devised using the Omnivex suite of products in our case studies.