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Digital Media Solutions

Boasting a comprehensive range of Digital Media solutions from IPTV and Digital Signage players to Room Booking and Occupancy Management systems, Intevi Ltd continues to streamline customer’s communication needs through the power of digital displays. Quickly becoming market leaders with their innovative, forward thinking digital media services and solutions where Audio Visual meets Information Technology, Intevi relish the convergence of these technologies to supply turn-key solutions across multiple industries.

With a customer base spanning across the world, the Intevi solutions cater to a wide audience across multiple industries including Retail, Corporate, Hospitality, Transport and Leisure.

Intevi manufacture their own Digital Television and Digital Signage solution which work natively with many commercial displays providing customers with enhanced brand messaging, streamlined communications and simplified broadcasting. In addition, Intevi offer retail solutions such as Lift and Learn technology and Interactive displays to further engage with customers as well as corporate room booking and casting technology, occupancy sensors and wireless content sharing.