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Beyerdynamic is one of the world’s leading audio electronics manufacturers and is committed to technological innovation, quality and maintaining its position at the head of the worldwide sound technology industry.

Its specialist products are dominated by premium headphones and microphones, which are handcrafted in Germany. The range includes headsets for TV commentators and pilots, conference systems, interpreting facilities 5.1 surround sound high-tech headphones, unique wireless conferencing systems, high-end headsets with digital noise cancelling, specialist personal headphones and premium headphones that feature Beyerdynamic’s novel Tesla technology.

With a mission statement that affirms Beyerdynamic’s commitment to design, engineer and manufacture superior quality, professional audio products, the organisation serves a range of conferencing and transducer markets and extends to broadcast and tele/video conferencing markets, recording/film/studio and live industries as well as music and high-end consumer markets.