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Our Global Reach

The proAV network is truly global. Our world class expertise and multinational resources have been tasked with connecting organisations and their people for over 30 years and, today, it’s recognised as one of the AV industry’s most powerful international delivery and support operations and it’s trusted by a prestigious client base that spans the world.

Ours is an unparalleled force in global AV deployment and support. It draws on the skills of a remarkable network of strategically-located technical engineers, project managers and more than 2500 qualified support personnel - all operating to proAV’s prestigious Global Standard and serving client organisations in more than 60 countries across every continent.

Together we’re tailoring remarkable audio visual systems that meet the demands and challenges of a globalised marketplace – and we’re keeping the lines of communication and collaboration open for everyone. From our state-of-the-art Customer Services Centre, Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC) and through our international partner base, our dedicated teams manage, monitor and protect our global clients’ business-critical AV systems architecture, products and technologies 24 hours a day with all-embracing, world-class expertise and dedication.

At the heart of the proAV international network is an understanding that every organisation is unique, their partners’ and peoples’ experiences paramount, no matter where in the world they’re located.


149 Projects

138 Supported


32 Projects

17 Supported


260 Projects

285 Supported


265 Projects

198 Supported

Worldwide Partner

The proAV Worldwide Partner Network refers to the global alliance we have forged with the world’s foremost manufacturers and pioneers of ingenious audio visual products. Our supply chain is strong, sound and thriving thanks to the commitment we all share to deliver AV products and critical spares that meet benchmarked manufacturing standards in region, on time and of the quality every client is assured of receiving. To find out why proAV’s Worldwide Partner Network is such a powerful force, read our Partner pages.

24-hour global

From our global Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC) in the UK, which is renowned as a centre of global service excellence, proAV’s international team works tirelessly around the clock to ensure our client sites around the world can communicate, collaborate and trade effectively and remain unaffected by the parameters of time, distance or language. Together, our Help Desk advisers on the front line and the teams of field technicians who are based around the world deliver safe, secure and immediate protection and technical support. Their portfolio of strategic support resources includes Remote Support Services that monitor and protect business-critical systems and infrastructure from afar, reporting and diagnostics services and a range of content management and distribution services.

This 24 hour global support resource maintains, protects and manages some of the most complex, business-critical audio visual systems ever designed and they do it with precision, speed and a commitment to always go further.


proAV’s engineering standards represent the jewel in the crown of our end-to-end AV solutions and we’re rightly acknowledged within the AV industry as the purveyors of the benchmarked standard that our peers aspire to and strive to attain. We achieve this status through a meticulous monitoring and control process that ensures the documentation, procedures and services that every proAV Associate conducts meet both our own discriminating levels of excellence and that expected of the international AV industry and the clients we serve.