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Global Retail Stores





A world of AV solutions for the retail sector

Nowhere are expectations so high and rewards so rich as in the retail space. The consumer’s in-store experience has shifted from one so long dictated by accessibility and choice and preferred channels; the power to sell and aspire now lies in ubiquitous engagement, interactivity and entertainment. Dynamic, exciting AV is answering the consumer call and the only challenge is determining how bold to be.

proAV’s remarkable integrated audio visual solutions are helping retailers transform the customer experience and the entire selling scenario by creating a uniquely immersive environment. In our retail world, consumers are captivated by the show, the way products are purveyed and perform and the journey from grand entrance to point of sale.

AV is shaping next-generation shop spaces with futuristic technologies from interactive POS touchscreens and tablet till-points to ultra-large format displays that stream presentations and catwalks and convey information with mesmerising sound and vision. Networks are harmonised, control is automated and seamless and ingenious digital signage content on never-seen-before screen formats is commanding and unforgettable. And all the time, these complex systems are managed, monitored and restored remotely with uncompromising care and security.

This is the new consumer experience and the world’s most discriminating retailers have trusted proAV to deliver it safely and persuasively into the hands of their customers.

Engaging, dynamic and thoroughly interactive retail experiences for consumers who want to be enthralled

Thanks to online and a propensity to promote with targeted directness, relationships are forged and touchpoints are creative and frequent, but this audience is fickle. The consumer’s perception should be constantly challenged and ignited if its aspirations and loyalty to a brand are to remain assured. 

Our clients’ retail spaces are enthralling and dynamic, processes are instinctive and purchasing decisions are inspired by safeguarded technologies that perform and portray the inventory and the label in the most incisive light.

At the heart of our international support operation is an understanding that every retailer is unique, their customers’ experiences paramount, no matter where in the world they’re located.

The technologies we deploy are integral to the customer’s in-store experience, so we tailor every solution to exploit the industry’s most compelling AV capabilities, applications and powers of automation. These technologies include:

  • Landscape/portrait video walls
  • Network-based signage platforms
  • Zonal audio systems
  • Fully automated control
  • 1080p and 4K content distribution
  • Large format, ultra thin bezel displays
  • Digital signage players
  • Remote monitoring
  • Interactive touchscreens and tablets

In summary

Ours is an unparalleled approach to international AV support for the retail sector. It draws on the skills of a remarkable network of more than 2500 qualified support personnel, all operating to proAV’s prestigious Global Standard and serving client organisations in more than 60 countries across every continent.

From a state-of-the-art Customer Services Centre, Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC) and international partner base, these dedicated teams manage, monitor and protect our global retail clients’ business-critical AV systems architecture, products and technologies 24 hours a day with all-embracing, world-class expertise and dedication. At the heart of our international support operation is an understanding that every retailer is unique, their customers’ experiences paramount, no matter where in the world they’re located.